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Subject: Why mobile carriers limit color selections?
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coachmcguirk Oct 08, 2017 02:10 AM Reply | Bookmark
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Every. Damn. Carrier. Has two colors to choose from for the note 8 and they're the most boring and conservative of the lot. Why do they do this nonsense? You'd think more selection would be better for business but wtf do I know. I'm just an idiot Gen Xer


I had plans on getting a gold note 8 but that's not happening unless I move to South Korea.   <_<

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justmoe1 Oct 08, 2017 05:57 AM Reply | Bookmark
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I think there are several reasons. For me it's the LG V30. So far every carrier has only listed the silver version that i know of but there are 3 colours.

1. Starting in 2016 carriers have made a push for customers to bring their own phone. The new subsidy contracts carriers have with manufacturers is less profitable then they used to be. Blame Apple for this and then every other company jumping on that bandwagon. Carriers are not stocking as much product as they used to. This may have limited the choice of colour with limited stock ordered.

2. Exclusivity has become a bigger deal and has spanned the globe instead of just a country. The Sprint LG V30 is a good example of this. it will be the only one with double the drive space and colour selection. also available in Korea.

The factory unlocked market has grown to be their more profitable method of selling a phone. In this case and with LG they allow carriers to launch and then introduce carrier free devices. it also gives them time to manufacture variants not at launch. In both our cases we probably do not need to go to Korea. if anything phones will be made available to the chinese/indian market for resale unlocked as those are technologies biggest markets.

It comes down to how much will you spend for a phone not subsidized, how long are you willing to wait for its release, and how much searching you will do to do in order to find it. All can be done without leaving your home.

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coachmcguirk Oct 08, 2017 08:28 AM Reply | Bookmark
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Eloquently said. Now I'm leaning towards the iphone x in that case. It's slightly more expensive but whatever. I wanted a certain colorway and I'm not going to go through the hassle of trying to purchase a gold note 8 that might not even work with our carriers here.

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