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Subject: RE: Ryzen pre-orders?
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FloppyDrive Mar 09, 2017 11:06 AM Reply | Bookmark
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You should refer to your motherboard's QVL for safe choices. HWC used only 16GB l2666Mhz in their testing, while some people have achieved 3200Mhz with different RAM. Don't expect 32GB 2666Mhz with any RAM. While G.Skill has their lower-clocked 16GB Flare X at some retailers, they have yet to sell 32GB packages. Don't buy two 16GB sets as they may not work at the frequency you expected.

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Jason_L Mar 11, 2017 10:43 AM Reply | Bookmark
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An update  to the AMD Ryzen and it's 'performance' factors:
It will actually have the greatest potential to out perform the 7700k in gaming, the reason why are several problems that are occurring on the software side, that is, not on AMD's side of things, but rather the lack of software optimization and compatibility for it.

One example is the Windows 10 Scheduler issue, which doesn't affect Win7. This one screws up AMD's SMT.
Another example is the motherboard Bios seemingly having ECC disabled for no reason other than (instability issues, but unknown whether it's caused by the mobo makers or the AMD CPU, but if the CPU is 100% done, the fault lies with the bios).
Another example is the 'testing' methodologies that different reviewers are doing, and a lack of transparency on their testing methods. We don't even know if they have the technical knowledge of how their system is operating and are doing additional tests to find and report problems to their respective sources, not giving your viewers a reason to hype or flame the fanboyism just for the sake of views (that a few of them are doing, for youtube views).

Another issue I'm currently noticing is the international shipping and stocking of said product.
Back then when I 'back ordered' a GPU, it has to be shipped over, but took a longer period of time because they (NCIX) were 'waiting' for something... Like a response or waiting for more back orders to cover the same shipment.

Today with this CPU's release, I'm getting that same vibe with all these delays going on, possibly the motherboards are delayed further for further bios update s? No ideas. But the CPU should be 100% completed and can be stocked sooner than the mobo.

There's also the political issues going on since 2017 when the new administration in the USA was setup, and the problems that comes with it in regards to trades... Which might be rearing it's ugly heads in regards to cross border retail online.

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nToxik Mar 11, 2017 12:49 PM Reply | Bookmark
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Conspiracy theorists unite!

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Jack_L2 Mar 12, 2017 10:46 AM Reply | Bookmark
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FloppyDrive: well I did not get any MB yet. Gigabyte seems to have the best DDR4 support on Ryzen so far, but this is changing day by day.

Am thinking 8GB single-rank x3 or x4 is still the best option. I am looking for anything above 3000Mhz with 24Gb or 32GB DDR4 that would work with Ryzen. Though 2666Mhz would still work just fine for most intents and purposes. Any suggestions?

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Jason_L Mar 15, 2017 04:16 PM Reply | Bookmark
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Motherboard manufacturers are scrambling to ship out stocks, apparently they were sitting on their butts the entire time thinking Ryzen is going to fail.

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KeepMeReal Mar 20, 2017 05:39 PM Reply | Bookmark
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they just did

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