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Subject: 8700k Overclock/Temps/BIOS/Bench/Pics
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Stiles Nov 13, 2017 06:23 AM Reply | Bookmark
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Almost done playing with this thing. Just need to step down the frequency when idle and I will be set. There is also some small room to drop  vcore, I havent settled on a final number for that yet. I decided on 4.9 as my daily setting. 5.2 was achieved easily but the temps stank and the diminishing returns was not worth it.

This replaced my "old" 2600k setup...more on that later

8700k oc to 4.9Ghz all cores / Prolimatech Megahalems with dual Scythe GT fans n 1850RPM
Gskill Ripjaws V Series 3200 14-14-14-34 OC'ed to 3333 14-14-14-34
Asus ROG Strix Z370-E
Asus Strix GTX 970 1373/2000

This CPU gets toasty, but during gaming it doesnt go higher than 66c.

Here are some pictures of BIOS settings and some benchmarks, temps etc etc. Maybe they can be of use to someone. Not pictured are Prime 95 tests. They put the CPU at the mid/high 80's and would mean nothing in the real world. It was stable however.

As I do mostly gaming was it worth the money to upgrade to this over the 2600k? Mostly heck no and I knew this going in. I was not expecting my gaming experience to change much if at all. In a few games I have noticed a lot less frame dips though - in particular Black Desert Online and GTA5. In most of the other games I play I notice nothing "real world".

It was bought because its been 100 years (j/k) since I last upgraded and I do some productivity. 8700k does not disappoint there. Many tasks are noticeably quicker than the 2600k obviously. It was also bought because of platform improvements such as M2, NVMe and USB3.1 and other things that the 2600k boards did not have. I plan to make use of those in the near future.

Its also been years since Ive overclocked a new system, for *myself* as a hobbyist I was happy with the purchase. It just isnt as rewarding overclocking someone elses computer!

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Jimmy2Times Nov 13, 2017 11:17 AM Reply | Bookmark
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Nice...I agree with everything you said.
I had the same thought process regarding my Skylake build at the time.
I went from a 2500K to a 6600K build. Was there any major CPU improvements...not really...a 2500k overclocked still rocked when skylake came out(and probably still is competitive)
Besides the video card, I hadn't upgraded anything over the years, and was bored with it, and really itching to make a new build. Initially i was going to wait until the die shrink of CannonLake, but then it was delayed and delayed so i figured what the hell, and did a complete new build with the exception of my keyboard and mouse. Everything else fresh and new, but more importantly the parts more smartly chosen. Not to mention the little things like the orange and black color theme I used, and getting better at cable management, things I have learned from my past builds.

(Saberon and his built templates, as well as reading other posts and threads here from people creating new builds were a great help!)
Little pieces of information, such as the which manufactures have better RMA policies and North American return addresses, as opposed to sending something back to China. Such a small tip, yet something that never crossed my mind before.
(Anyways, I'm rambling now...too much caffeine.)

Of course it is better to hold off, and upgrade when there is actual 'New features, and actual real world benefit that you can utilize.
But for some, it is like trading in your car for the latest model. Sometimes it is nice to give yourself a shiny new present. Make yourself feel good.

The one thing I kind of miss about my Sandy Bridge build, is the way my overclocked 2500k, and the crappy inefficient airflow of my old case, would keep my room warm nice and toasty in the winter! Lol   :)

This message was modified by the poster at 11 13, 2017 11:18 AM

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NorthernRyan Nov 13, 2017 04:37 PM Reply | Bookmark
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Stiles nice post. I just built my 8700k rig last friday but due to work and life i havn't gotten a chance to OC it. Pictures look helpful. When i first ran windows it was acting up Microsft Edge wasn't running properly and when i clicked on links it would hang up abit then say it wasn't responding. I also noticed sometimes when i hit the windows start button nothing would pop up .. like that hung also. Then i reset the PC.. and it goes to the windows screen and right before it loaded into windows the screen just turned black. Restarted again then it loaded windows fine.

After all I remember they had there auto OC feature on so i turned it off and ran with XMP off also seemed to fix the problem. I havn't had time to look into it more since friday. I suspect it was just unstable.

My build:
Kraken X62
Asus Z370-E
Corsair Dom Plat 3200mhz
EVGA Supernova G3 750
Gigabyte 1080Ti
Samsung 960 PRO 512
Samsung 850 PRO 512

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Stiles Nov 13, 2017 06:33 PM Reply | Bookmark
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Weird...was it on a fresh windows install? Did you move the jumper on the board that enables vcore adjustment? Its disabled by default IIRC.

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NorthernRyan Nov 13, 2017 07:38 PM Reply | Bookmark
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didn't know nothing about the jumper on the board. Although every Strix z370 has there asus Multicore Enhancement on auto

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NorthernRyan Nov 13, 2017 11:16 PM Reply | Bookmark
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seems to be work ok now at stock settings.

I did look at your overclock pictures but they are very blurry ha.. couldn't make out some of the stuff. think you could take or even type out your settings? plz/thx wanna give it a try tomorrow after work. Also what guide did u read

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Stiles Nov 14, 2017 02:21 AM Reply | Bookmark
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Most of the settings were educated guesswork as the articles and videos I saw were for 5Ghz-5.3Ghz so my numbers were more conservative for 4.9

I did write them down as I went though....your mileage may vary!!

Core Ratio: Sync all Cores
1 Core Ratio limit: 49
CPU SVID Support: Disabled
Digi+ VRM : LLC Level 5 (level 4 for me was not good enough)
Internal CPU Management: Long Duration PPL 4095 (max), Short Duration PPL 4095 (max)
BCLK Adaptive Voltage: Disabled
CPU Core Voltage Override: 1.355 (this is a safe voltage **for me** itll probably be fine there, reduce in small .005 increments if stability allows)

For memory try to get at least 3300 with your stock timings and stock voltage, should be no problem. Make sure CPU is stable first. Do memory last.

These settings will keep your chip at 4.9 at all times though, even idle. Be warned. Temps stay 25-33 when idle though since there is no load.

As you know, all chips are different. This might not work for you or you could easily surpass me if you won the silicon lottery haha, have fun!!

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NorthernRyan Nov 14, 2017 03:09 PM Reply | Bookmark
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Thanks for the info Stiles. I did end up finding a video on it last night which helped me alot also I wasn't able to get 4.9 stable without 1.38+ vcore but at this setting i was getting 90-95c on realbench and prime 95 26.6. I could manage a stable 4.8ghz at 1.350. Although this video had me adjust a couple more things that you did. Ill post the link. This guy is apparently the man when it comes to OC"ing.

Some things he did that i noticed u didnt' was :

AVX Instruction Core Ratio Negative Offset 3
CPU Core/Cache Current Limit Max. 255.50 (which is max)
Min. CPU Cache Ratio 42
Max CPU Cache Ratio 42
BCLK Aware Adaptive Voltage Disable

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Stiles Nov 14, 2017 04:43 PM Reply | Bookmark
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His was one if the videos I watched

I left avx alone because I didnt need it to throttle, still had thermal headroom
LLC5 was good enough
Core/Cache Limit was locked which = Max
Min and Max CPU Cache I set at 44 IIRC...just because :P

Your chip seems to be quite toasty? The Kraken not up to the task? I know little about that cooler.

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NorthernRyan Nov 14, 2017 05:02 PM Reply | Bookmark
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was kinda of confused on the min max

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Stiles Nov 14, 2017 08:12 PM Reply | Bookmark
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Looks like cache ratios do pretty much nothing but cause instabilities if you try to sync it with the core 1:1...and adding more voltage to get that ratio sucks for what little you gain from it.

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