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Subject: Bluetooth connectivity to Bose earbuds
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eagleeye156 Sep 03, 2017 04:03 PM Reply | Bookmark
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I currently am using Bose SoundSport In-Ear Wireless Headphones - Aqua which have bluetooth capabilities. Now I had previously inquired about how to connect my Logitech K380 keyboard to my Acer Aspire 5750G-6480 laptop (with windows 7). Now my above problem is about not how to simply connect my earbuds, as I can do that. The problem is that I am using the Fn + F3 keys in sequence to turn the bluetooth on. The issue is, I am trying to use the bluetooth earbuds online or while connected to the internet for some reason, I am unable to use wireless internet while the bluetooth is on. Or either that, the bluetooth is not discoverable or able to connect. How do I resolve this? Also, for my model of laptop, is there some sort of safe third party software or another setting without utilizing the fn and f3 keys in order to turn bluetooth on and off?


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TheGreatGazoo™ Sep 03, 2017 04:39 PM Reply | Bookmark
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That toggle on the Fn key is so stupid. What were they thinking?

Try following the advice in this link to enable both at the same time - I think by the internet icon, they meant the network icon. If you can't find that then search for "check network status" and then select  network troubleshooter.

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eagleeye156 Sep 07, 2017 03:43 PM Reply | Bookmark
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Thanks Great. So somehow the problem solved itself. I am now able to have both bluetooth as well as the wifi on. My problem now is that the same earbuds that I referenced before are showing up when bluetooth is turned on, but I can no longer connect them. I apologize for the delay in response, I will set a reminder for myself. Thanks.

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eagleeye156 Sep 11, 2017 09:28 PM Reply | Bookmark
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So I was unable to find out how exactly to connect these to my windows 7 laptop. Any further help would be greatly appreciated.

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TheGreatGazoo™ Sep 12, 2017 08:03 AM Reply | Bookmark
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Sounds like the pairing was lost or the Bluetooth is toggled off. In the Bluetooth control panel in the laptop, delete  the Bose headphones and then try to reconnect them via the method that you know works. If they don't show up in the control panel then the Bluetooth radio in the laptop is likely turned off.

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eagleeye156 Sep 26, 2017 08:01 PM Reply | Bookmark
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Hello Great. First of all thank you for your help and secondly I apologize for the delay in response times. So I did delete  the Bose headphones in the bluetooth control panel and they installed successfully, however it is suggesting that they it needs troubleshooting and that "There is a problem with the bluetooth peripheral device. Reinstalling the device driver might fix this problem." I applied this fix, but when I went to try and connect through two different methods, it shows the following window: Audio device driver is not available, please make sure the bluetooth audio device works properly. As a side note, in device manager under bluetooth radios, the generice bluetooth adapter and microsoft bluetooth enumerator are both working properly. However, under unknown devices, there are a couple of devices which are labelled unknown device with a small yellow exclamation mark beside them and three more labelled bluetooth peripheral device all having a blue question mark beside them. Thank you.

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TheGreatGazoo™ Sep 27, 2017 03:54 PM Reply | Bookmark
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This is why I loathe Bluetooth - perpetual connection and compatibility issues. My guess is going to be that your laptop which is older just isn't compatible with some newer Bluetooth devices. I've seen this happen when trying to pairing some phones to my car - it would momentarily connect and then drop  the connection or refuse to connect at all.

Have you tried toggling the Fn + F3 combo back and forth? Turn the wifi off and see if the Bluetooth will connect. If it does then there is still some issue with both running at the same time on your laptop.

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