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Subject: I need your guys's help right now!
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Luca_V Aug 12, 2017 03:06 PM Reply | Bookmark
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I recently bought an i5 7600k 12 days ago, but after a few days i realized Coffee Lake, Intels 6 core CPU was to release in less than a month. Im really disappointed, because a 200$ i3 is going to replace my 230$ i5.

Anyways, i was wondering, if i request to return the Cpu and Mobo completely unopened from the package, will i still need to pay restocking fee?

To make matters worse, my father, who lives at the Zip Code we ordered it too, is currently in Romania. I was wondering if the 15-day customer satisfaction starts the day the CPU arrives, or does it start the day of the purchase.

I probably won't be able to exchange cpu and mobo if my 15 day satisfaction period ends, which means i wasted 100$

Should i try to return it? or should i just stick with the CPU for the time being

If the Coffee Lake lineup really out performs the i5 7600k, i will try to sell the Mobo, and cpu in a bundle of eBay.

Thanks for the help

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Mr. Friendly™ Aug 12, 2017 04:31 PM Reply | Bookmark
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the i3 will perform better than it did before, but it's still got lower cache and lacks features that makes the i5 a superior CPU. it's no different than how the Ryzen 3's are quad core and there are some quad core Ryzen 5's. the 5's still outperform the 4's.

the Coffee Lake i5's will be better though...six cores vs 4 cores.

however, we have no idea how buggy these will be or the mobo's that will support them etc. these were rushed to market by Intel because of AMD's Ryzen.

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jakeElwood Aug 12, 2017 06:34 PM Reply | Bookmark
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You bought the right CPU, and if not, close enough.

If you were buying a hard-core CPU then yeah you might want to exchange, but the 7600k is going to play all your games as well as the new CPUs will, never mind email, etc...

Where did you waste 100$?

My 2600k is still just fine.

There will be no "real" performance difference from a 7600k and whatever new one you are talking about.

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Luca_V Aug 12, 2017 08:02 PM Reply | Bookmark
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I wasn't saying literally, but performance wise. The i3 8350k is basically the i5 7600k performance wise. The i3 8350k is about 100$ less than the 7600k

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jakeElwood Aug 13, 2017 02:55 AM Reply | Bookmark
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From your math there i thought you were losing 30$.

Are we sure if that 200$ is real yet?

It is annoying yes, but its not like buying the very wrong g-card at the wrong time.

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