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Subject: any real world benchmarking or reporting on Ryzen for productivity?
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Mr. Friendly™ Mar 16, 2017 07:17 AM Reply | Bookmark
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just wondering if anyone has seen anything out there on someone using Ryzen for CAD or Adobe or GIS, etc?

I'm curious to see how it's holding up against Intel in the real world.

synthetic multi-threading it's beating Intel about the head...but synthetic is far from real world...

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Jason_L Mar 16, 2017 09:51 AM Reply | Bookmark
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Considering that Ryzen CPUs has decent single threading and good multi-threading at a fraction of the cost of Intel chips pre-pricecut, It will continue to have good performance as the Ryzen 5 series releases April 11th.

Yes you got that, 6 core 12 thread CPUs that's slightly weaker than the Ryzen 7's 8 core 16 threads, but has a bigger price difference than the latter.

Considering that Intel's i5 series aren't really meant for productivity, having the 6 and 4 core series come in and provide that bonus for cheap is a bonus.

Ryzen does have the raw performance when you use non-gaming benchmarks, but some benchmarks might not utilize it properly.

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Mr. Friendly™ Mar 16, 2017 10:48 AM Reply | Bookmark
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hey Jason, that's not necessarily true.

most software is optimized for Intel CPU's, not AMD CPU's, so there may be some surprises in store for early adopters, which is why I posed my question, to see if anyone knows of anybody reporting real world usage data.

for instance, in gaming, Ryzen is showing weakness in two or four threaded applications and gets hammered by even Intel's weaker quad core i7-7700K.

the Ryzen platform is brand new, there will be bugs and it will take time for optimization, but even in it's current state, for workstation class applications, their 7 series is a monster!

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Bruce_R Mar 17, 2017 05:24 PM Reply | Bookmark
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Ryzen benchmarks are showing i7-7700K the winner over Ryzen and Broadwell-E in gaming benchmarks. Almost certainly down to its higher clock and the fact that most games are not heavily multi-threaded.

Haven't seen any detailed CAD or Adobe benchmarks for Ryzen cpu. The little that is out there suggests that it is going to be pretty cost effective for heavily multi-threaded work.

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